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We invest time in outstanding innovative companies, products, concepts and ideas -We're Driven By Change

Dear customers, colleagues and business partners: We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our motivations, philosophy and goals in founding Panther and to outline our vision for the future of the company. Since the foundation we invest time in promising, future-oriented and innovative companies, products, concepts & ideas. Our drive is the urge to challenge the status quo and offer better alternatives. It does not matter in which markets, because we see ourselves as generalists. We don't want to be a conventional company and we don't want to become one. You can always expect us to tackle projects that seem very speculative or even strange compared to the market. From the beginning, we have strived to do more to make things happen. Since 2021, we have been supporting companies that focus on the problems of our time. In particular, the rapidly increasing climate change and the massive environmental pollution by, for example, plastics, are close to our hearts. Panther has an international network for the implementation of sustainable projects worldwide. This is what we stand for, this is our drive and our vision. Kind regards Mr. Lars Jansen

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